Scenting the Whole House Made Easy

Most homes have some type of scent in all the major rooms. There may be candles in the living room, a plug-in scent warmer in the kitchen, push-to-activate dispensers in the bathrooms, a solid on a shelf in the garage, and hanging air fresheners in the closets. Mini diffusers can typically be found in all the bedrooms. That is a great deal of money to spend on all those replacement scents. Walking through the entire house can be quite the aroma experience.

One Machine

The process of making sure the house smells nice is much easier with one aromatherapy machine designed for large spaces. Multiple rooms and two levels can be scented with an Air Stream Single that can be mounted on the wall or connected to the heating or ventilation system. The machine has a four-liter drum for convenience, is energy-efficient, and designed to be quiet when operating. A control panel allows homeowners to set the intensity of the fragrance and program the timer. There are often refurbished models available that are sold at a discount.

Maximum Results

Scenting provides maximum results when oils are not diluted or evaporated by heat. This makes cold-air diffusion the ideal way to get the best effects. The scent is released as a fine mist that will not leave residue on household surfaces. The use of scent makes a significant difference in mood, energy, levels of stress for all family members.

The sense of smell bypasses logical and cognitive thought processes in the brain because it is processed in the same place as memories and emotions. The impact is instant and powerful. Someone walking through the door stressed out or aggravated will feel better within seconds of being in the house. Since there are hundreds of oil choices, the family can decide which ones are favorites.

Relax and Enjoy the Company

Life is hectic whether you are working, going to school, doing both at once, or raising a family. Being able to relax at home, enjoy the company of the family, and get a full night of sleep is possible with a pleasant scent throughout the house. One machine is much easier and cost-effective than having several different types of dispensers in many rooms.